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Welcome to Body Fat USA


Body Fat USA is the platinum standard for body fat testing in Denver, CO. If you are interested in learning more about your body composition, you are in the right place.

Identify your current body composition (body fat percentage, lean mass, and bone density), resting metabolism, and learn more about your DNA.


Body Fat USA's tests will help you accurately measure changes in your body composition as fitness, nutritional, and emotional plans are implemented.


Body Fat USA's DEXA Scan technology makes body fat testing easy.   No dunking.  No swimsuits.  Massive Data.


Our centrally located facility has great parking and weekday or weekend hours for our busy clients.

Which test(s) is right for me?

What is your starting point?


Curious about Body Composition = DEXA



Curious about your Calorie Need = RMR



Both? = DEXA+RMR


Should you DEXA + RMR?
Body Fat Test- DEXA
Resting Metabolic Rate - RMR
Body Fat USA Mission
Contact Us

At Body Fat USA we have one mission:  


Provide accurate data that helps you safely reach your individual health and fitness goals.


Body Fat USA is the source for personalized fitness data for seasoned workout junkies, those looking to lose fat, and especially those starting a journey to a healther lifestyle.

1776 S. Jackson St, Suite 1111 

Denver, CO 80210



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