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Things the pandemic has taught us:

  • Not everyone wants to hear their DEXA results in person (the results can be hard to take until you’re used to the brutal truth of a DEXA scan); and

  • Flexibility is good!

We have restructured our appointments and pricing to reflect these lessons.  When you make an appointment for a DEXA or RMR, the appointment is ONLY FOR THE TEST AND A DIGITAL COPY OF THE REPORT.  If you would like to have the results explained to you or if you have questions about your report, you must book either an IN-PERSON RESULTS REVIEW or a ZOOM® RESULTS REVIEW.   This gives you flexibility in both pricing and scheduling.

Booking at BFUSA is Easy
  1. Click on a Package

  2. Choose a date

  3. Pay 


You can move your appointment with the click of a mouse as long as it is more than 48 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment.  


  • Appointment changes within 48 hours will be charged a missed appointment fee up to the cost of the test.

  • At Body Fat USA we schedule one person at a time, the missed appointment fee covers our staff cost for missed appointments.  The alternative is a long wait in our lobby like at your doctors...and that is not fun or something we can even do in a COVID World:)

  • Use the link located at the bottom of your confirmation email in the event you need to reschedule your appointment.  

Going Green!!!

All our DEXA reports are sent via secure client portal. 

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