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Why Choose Body Fat USA?
  • We make testing comfortable and easy at a reasonable price

  • We provide immediate results 

  • you will leave your appointment with your data 

  • You keep your clothes on, stay dry, and breathe 

  • Booking is online...No waiting on hold or for office hours to book

Who Visits Body Fat USA?
  • Our facility is focused on people just like you

  • We help those in great shape 

  • We especially those who have struggled losing fat

What is Body Fat USA?
  • Body Fat USA is a fitness testing facility

  • Use your raw data to motivate, analyze, and plan your attack on fat (hopefully alongside a fitness pro)


Korr Cardio Coach Model 9000
RESTING METABOLIC RATE - RMR                                     


  • Essential information for losing fat or adding muscle

  • Pinpoints the calories you need to consume to lose fat

  • Based on YOUR specific metabolic rate

  • Identifies YOUR measured daily caloric zones

  • If you can sit in a lounger, you can pass this test

  • Test takes 18 minutes, start to finish!

GE Lunar Prodigy DEXA


  • Not your average body fat dunking or holding your breath

  • Total body lean (muscle) mass, fat mass, and bone density

  • Central abdominal fat measurement and hip fat measurement

  • Total body fat percentage and lean tissue percentage

  • The DEXA difference...easy, detailed, and accurate

  • Muscle and fat mass of your trunk, your arms and legs (right and left)

  • Test takes 6-12 minutes, start to finish!

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