Milt is an amateur workout junkie. His fitness routine varies based on the season and his mood. He has tried everything from yoga to an MMA fight.


Currently Milt enjoys weightlifting, golfing, biking, hiking, surfing

and especially training BJJ with his 10-year old son. He started CrossFit in the Summer of 2014 and loves it. 


Milt built Body Fat USA after he searched for a facility to easily and accurately get his body fat tested.   He couldn't find a great facility that made it easy, so he built Body Fat USA.


He was on a quest to drop below 10%...and he recognizes how nearly impossible that number is to reach.  .


Update:  10% is ridiculously low for me...I like to eat so I'm happy to bounce betweeen 15-18%.


He chose to use a DEXA scan at Body Fat USA after having the test performed (in Utah) because of the incredible amount of data you receive.  If you have ever had any other body fat test (hyrostatic, bodpod, or bioelectrical impedance)...you will be blown away by the detail in your DEXA report from BFUSA.


His vision is to provide accurate, easy to obtain data that you can use to increase your success in reaching your individual fitness goals. It's your goal. We will help you stay motivated and measure your true progress.


Although originally focused on body fat testing, Body Fat USA offers a variety of tests designed to assess your current fitness levels and help you and your fitness professionals customize and evaluate your fitness and nutrition programs.


Milt Murphy graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder (Go Buffs) in 1996 with a degree in Molecular, Cellular, Development Biology.  


You can reach Milt on his cell phone 303.886.7852

or via email at milt@bodyfatusa.com


Dr. Graves was born and raised in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. He currently resides in Littleton, Colorado with his wife Kimberly and his children. He enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, skiing, cycling, and spending time with his family.

Keith J. Graves, D.C. graduated with honors from Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles in 1993 and since that time he has been in private clinical practice. He has been the owner/clinic director for Denver Spine and Extremity, LLC since 1998. Post-graduate certifications include Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner in 1998, Certified Biomedical Acupuncture Practitioner in 2007, and Level I and Level II Trigger Point Dry Needling certified in 2010.


Dr. Graves has served as a practice monitor with Affiliated Monitors, working with the Colorado State Board of Chiropractic Examiners since 2006. He served on the upper extremity/cumulative trauma task force for the Colorado Division of Regulatory Agencies in 2009. 


Dr. Graves' conservative treatment approach also includes post-graduate training in Active Release Technique, Gratson Technique (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization), and independent core strengthening/rehabilitation for the spine, shoulders, and knees.


His treatment paradigm is entirely injury specific and mechanistic based with a goal of achieving functional gains, restoring normal joint biomechanics/kinematics and soft tissue function/integrity.


To learn more or to book a chiropractic appointment with Dr. Graves visit www.denverspineandextremity.net

Office Manager

Colleen is our behind the scenes wizard. She is the reason things run smoothly. Have a suggestion for improvements to our systems? Reach out to Colleen.


Colleen is the mother of 9

(4 by birth, 1 by marriage, 4 via adoption) and an ever increasing number of grandkids.


She lives in Westminter, CO with her husband, Bill. They enjoy a variety of activities from gardening to excercising. Their favorite activity is spending time (aka spoiling) their grandkids. When they have time, that is, as they just adopted two new puppies.


Colleen serves on the board of COCAF (Colorado Coalition of Adoptive Familes). COCAF provides advocacy and support to adoptive, kinship, and pre-adoptive families.


Colleen was the 2014 winner of the City of Westminster's Biggest Loser Competition.


Colleen is a graduate of Metropolitan State College of Denver. Where she received her Bachelor of Arts in English.


Colleen can be reached via email: colleen@bodyfatusa.com 

Fitness Test Administrator

Jeannie's journey to Denver was a little longer than most. Originally from New Jersey, she was stationed in Germany. Where she was a unit supply specialist in the US Army.  Her husband was originally from California.  When it was time to join civilian 

life, they picked a point halfway between NJ and CA. Now that would have been Iowa, so Colorado seemed like a much better pick.


In Jeannie's spare time she loves to play with her daughter Cheyenne. Cheyenne will turn 5 in July and is full of energy.  


Chasing Cheyenne is the most likely reason Jeannie is so skinny; although we believe great genetics play a little role too.


We are lucky to have Jeanie working with our valued clients.  We do question her taste in music. Pandora should never be set to Beiber Station.


Jeannie learned to operate our big machine (aka GE Lunar Prodidy DEXA Scan) at Concorde Career College in Aurora, CO.

Danielle, ARRT (R)
Fitness Test Administrator

Born and raised in a small town in New Jersey, Danielle Franecki decided to move to Colorado to enjoy all the beautiful things this state has to offer. Danielle graduated in 2010 from an accredited Radiology Program. 

She is a Registered Radiologic Technologist certified in Radiology and Vascular Interventional Radiology.


For 7 years, Danielle has worked in several Interventional Specialities including Neuro-Interventional Radiology and the Cardiac Cath Lab. Danielle assists the Radiologist in performing many different minimally invasive procedures.


The relationships Danielle builds with her patients is what drives her passion to help people get better.


Danielle enjoys spending her free time outdoors running, hiking, and camping in the mountains. She has a passion for living a healthy lifestyle, and loves seeing clients at Body Fat USA thrive to achieve his/her personal goals!

Emily, ARRT (R)
Fitness Test Administrator

Emily grew up in Ohio and graduated from the University of Akron in 2012.  


She moved to Stapleton, Colorado with her husband, Chris a few years later in 2015.

They moved here for all things Colorado.


Mountain biking and climbing are some of her new adventures.  She says it's a slight bit better here than in Ohio.

A recent move from the modern burbs of Stapleton to the much closer to the mountains, Lakewood will make all those adventure that much easier.

Emily's favorite cheat meal is anything Mexican as long as it is complete with a margarita, chips and salsa.


Which must not happen very often as she has shaved 5% off her body fat since joining the Body Fat USA team! 

Be sure to ask her for her secrets!






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