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BODY FAT TEST - DEXA $80             

Sample DEXA Total Body Compositon Report.     

What is a DEXA Scan?


Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry Scan (DEXA or DXA scan) uses a low dose x-ray to analyse YOUR Body.  The open scan passes over your body in 6-10 minutes (depending on your body size).  As it passes over you, it is directly measuring how much muscle, body fat, and bone mass  your body contains, including its specific distribution.


DEXA Scan's accuracy and precision offers an empirical assessment of your body composition (body fat and lean muscle), so you can confidently track your training progress and identify the limiting factors adversely affecting your health.  DEXA scan is the method used by major universities with an emphasis on exercise physiology when they perform their research.


At Body Fat USA, we use GE Lunar Prodigy Bone Densitometer, recognized as the gold standard and leading reference method for body fat comparison at major universities.

What does it cost for a DEXA Total Body Composition and Body Fat test using a DEXA scan?


Why should I get a Total Body Composition Analysis and Body Fat Test with a DEXA Scan?


If this is your first Total Body Composition Analysis and Body Fat Percentage test, you will learn your body fat percentage and lean tissue mass percentage. You will get a break down of your body's muscle symmetry. You will also discover where you store body fat. You will get a measurement of your bone density (T-Score, Z-Score, and Bone Mineral Density).


Your first test will establish a baseline for your body. After the baseline has been established, you and your fitness and diet professionals can customize a program for you.

What do I need to do to prepare for a DEXA Scan?


  • No exercise the day of the test (after is okay)

    • Dehydration lowers your lean mass, not good before a body fat test :)​

  • Be able to lay on your back for 6 minutes

  • Wear clothes without metal 

  • Normal gym attire works well


You don't have to get into a swim suit, go underwater, or hold your breath.  Simply sit back and relax.


DXA Scan

What is an Ideal Body Fat Percentage?


There is no single ideal percentage of body fat for everyone. Levels of body fat are dependent on sex and age. Different authorities have developed different recommendations for ideal body fat percentages.


According to the American Council on Exercise:










Essential fat is the level below which physical and physiological health would be negatively affected.


The leanest athletes typically compete at levels of about 6–13% body fat for men or 14–20% body fat for women.


Bodybuilders may compete at body fat ranges even lower than these levels.  Compete...meaning they are at that level for a day or two.



8 - 12%

12 - 22%

21 - 24%

25 - 31%



3 - 5%

5 - 13%

14 - 17%

18 - 24%


Essential Fat





On a subsequent DEXA Body Fat Test, you will learn so much more.


What we mean is that you will be able to identify precisely how your diet and/or workout program is changing your body. 


  • Was your weight loss from losing body fat or did you lose muscle?

  • Did all those squats lead to leaner, more muscular legs?

  • Has your supplement program increased your bone density?


With a regular program of Total Body Composition and Body Fat Percentage tests with a DEXA (DXA) Scan, you will be able to precisely track your progress and adjust your fitness and diet programs to fit your body.

How does a DEXA scan work?


Using a DEXA (DXA) scan to perform a body fat test is quick (about 6 minutes), objective, and simply requires you to lie down in your street clothes.


In every Total Body Composition Analysis and Body Fat test, you’ll learn the exact percentage of body fat and lean tissue in your arms, legs, and trunk, and discover your body’s muscle symmetry.


Yes...this test uses X-rays which means you will be exposed to radiation.  The same amount as you receive when you pass through the TSA scanners at the airport or the equivalent amount of radiation you receive standing outside for 3 hours at sea level.  In fact, our technicians never have to leave the room.

What about other, cheaper options?


If you have ever had a body fat test performed with other methods, a DEXA scan will surprise you.  A DEXA (DXA) scan is not only the most accurate method available for a body fat test, it is arguably the most SIMPLE for our clients.


You don't have to put on a swim suit.  You don't have to hold your breath. You are not in an enclosed pod.


Other alternatives include hydrostatic (underwater dunk tank) body fat testing, bod pod (enclosed pod), and bioelectric impedence (electical current).  All will test your body fat and give you body fat percentage with varying degress of accuracy.


None of them take into account your measured bone mineral density.  They use a formula which assumes an average bone density.  They will not tell you on subsequent test whether your bones are getting stronger or weaker.


None of them will give you a break down of your lean mass and body fat in each arm, leg, and trunk.  They will not allow you to adjust your training and confirm you are correcting your muscle imbalances.


We are a little biased, admittedly.  However, we also looked at all the alternative methods before we opened our facility.  DEXA (DXA) scan's simplicity and detailed information for our clients made it the choice for Body Fat USA.

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