Pathway Fit® Sample Report.    

What is a Pathway Fit® Genetic Test?

Pathway Fit® analyzes over 75 genetic markers known to impact metabolism, exercise and energy use within the human body. Through the examination of these genetic markers, which are expressed in various organs such as the brain, stomach, gut, muscle, pancreas, as well as directly in fat tissue, we are able to gain an insight into how a person’s body processes sugars, fats, nutrients, and vitamins.


What’s more, the report includes detailed analysis on how your body responds to exercise and performance, and provides strategies to help you reach optimal potential to maintain a healthy weight based on your genetics.

What do I need to do to prepare for a Pathway Fit® Genetic Test?


  • It's a DNA've been preparing for it since before you were born.

  • Kidding aside testing is easy, please follow directions. It's your hard earned money and Body Fat USA wants you to have a valid test.

  • No eating or drinking ANYTHING (including water, mints, gum...anything) for one hour before your test.

  • On test day, we will collect saliva with a blood involved.

  • If completing other tests during your visit...we will collect your saliva sample first. So you can hydrate before any other test.

What does it cost for Pathway Fit® Genetic Test?


  • $300 for a Pathway Fit® Complete Genetic Test

  • $480 for DEXA + RMR + VO2 + DNA

  • $940 for 2-Person DEXA + RMR + VO2 + DNA


(No discount/offer codes apply to genetic testing).


Unlike our other tests, we can come to your location for the Pathway Fit® Genetic Tests.

Pathway Fit Genetic Test

The Pathway Fit® genetic test reports on the following

conditions and traits:

Body and Weight

Genetic risk for decreased adiponectin



Weight loss-regain


Eating Behaviors

Eating disinhibition

Food desire


Satiety-feeling full


Sweet tooth


Diet Recommendations

Genetic risk for decreased omega-6 and omega-3

Matching diet type

Response to monounsaturated fats

Response to polyunsaturated fats

Food Reactions

Alcohol flush

Bitter taste

Caffeine metabolism

Lactose intolerance

Sweet taste


Genetic risk for decreased folate

Genetic risk for decreased vitamin A

Genetic risk due to decreased vitamin B2

Genetic risk for decreased vitamin B6

Genetic risk for decreased vitamin B12

Genetic risk for decreased vitamin C

Genetic risk for decreased vitamin D

Genetic risk for increased vitamin E


Metabolic Health Factors

Genetic risk for decreased HDL cholesterol

Genetic risk for elevated blood sugar

Genetic risk for elevated LDL cholesterol

Genetic risk for elevated triglycerides



Achilles tendinopathy

Aerobic capacity (VO2max)

Blood pressure response to exercise

BMI response to exercise

Endurance training

HDL cholesterol response to exercise

Insulin sensitivity response to exercise

Loss of body fat response to exercise

Strength training

Why have a Pathway Fit® Genetic Test?

Body Fat USA is built on the idea that better data means better results. Genomic testing is another source of data.  Data that wasn't availble to those training a generation ago.  


We expect our cars, phones, and computers to all get better each year.  We believe, so should your training. Now there is not a substitute for hard work and a solid eating plan.  If there was, and we could sell that...and be on a beach in Costa Rica.


Knowing your body's tendencies on a genetic level fits Body Fat USA's philosphy perfectly.  



Side note from Milt Murphy, President of Body Fat USA:


This test is just really, really cool. Especially to a Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology major from the University of Colorado. This stuff was science fiction when I was in it is science present and I am excited to bring it to you!


Now remember, genetic testing just tells you that you may be at higher or lower than normal risk. It is not an absolute. It also doesn't mean that if genetics say that you are built to be a runner and you love CrossFit...that you should change your routine.


What it will do is help you better understand your body and help you fine tune your training and/or expectations.

Where is my sample analyzed?


  • Pathway Genomics, located in San Diego, CA is a CAP and CLIA accredited clinical laboratory, and has the ability to conduct genetic testing on samples received from every state in the United States. 


Is the Pathway Fit Genetic Test covered by insurance?


  • Body Fat USA is a cash pay only facility.


How soon will I get my results?


  • You will recieve your report roughly three weeks after we collect your saliva sample. 


What kind of genetic information can someone who was adopted get from Pathway's personal genetic reports?


Pathway's personal genetic reports can be a great tool to discover health and ancestry information. The reports cannot identify your biological mother or father, but in the absence of known health histories of your biological relatives, these reports may provide you with valuable information about your body. 


Do I have to visit my doctor to get this test?


Body Fat USA's doctor will authorize your testing and is available for a half-hour consultation (included in the price) if you have any questions after you receive your report.


Pathway Genomics also offers a complementary phone consultation with a genetic counselor after your test, if you have questions about the testing methodology and how it applies to you.


The NYSDOH has reviewed this test for technical and clinical validity. The clinical merit is unknown. The results of this test provide educational information to be used as an aid to your fitness management and overall health.  This test and it's associated reports are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Can my employer or insurance company use my genetic information against me?


Absolutely NOT!  In 2008, Congress passed the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA). GINA prohibits health insurance companies from denying coverage or charging higher premiums to an individual based solely on genetic information. GINA also prohibits employers from using your genetic information when making hiring, firing, job placement or promotion decisions.