VO2 Max Fitness Test and Heart Rate Zones - VO2 MAX $100

VO2 Max Fitness Test Sample Report.     

What is a VO2 MAX Fitness Test?

VO2 Max is the ULTIMATE indicator of cardiovascular fitness. In the past, VO2 Max Fitness Testing has only been available at hospitals and universities. 


  • Now Body Fat USA brings this technology to you!


Body Fat USA uses Korr Medical's CardioCoach to measure your precise target heart rate based on anaerobic threshold, then calculates your unique Target Intensity Zones.

What do I need to do to prepare for a VO2 MAX Fitness Test?


  • You will be walking or running on a treadmill for 6-20 minutes depending on fitness level, so dress appropriately for exercise.

  • Do not excercise 24-hours prior to your VO2 Max Fitness Test.

  • Do not consume supplements which alter your heart rate 24-hours before your VO2 Max Fitness Test.

  • Avoid food, alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine for at least 3 hours prior to testing.

What does is cost for a VO2 MAX Fitness Test?


  • $100 for a VO2 Max Fitness Test

  • $200 for a VO2 Max Fitness Test, Resting Metabolism Rate Test, and Body Fat Test

Why test your Fitness Level?


Each person has optimal training zones that are unique to you. Exercise equipment and charts that tell you target heart rates are actually just averages based on age and weight.


The VO2 Max Fitness Test calculates your Target Intensity Zones, which allow you to work out smarter, not harder! These Zones give you the precise heart rates necessary to optimize each level of exercise and maximize your results. The test reveals the exercise level that will optimize your ability to burn fat or improve your cardiovascular health. 


Frequently we push ourselves thinking, “no pain, no gain.” The truth is, pushing beyond one’s optimal training zone leads to fatigue and discomfort. It will also cause increased soreness after the workout and may contribute to exercise related injury.


When you know your zones and use them for training, cardiovascular exercise is comfortable.  Even a beginner can go the distance!


Without VO2 Max Fitness testing, fitness professionals have had to rely on crude estimates to determine what level of exercise intensity would be “aerobic” or fat burning. Body Fat USA makes VO2 Max Fitness Testing readily available to you.  


When you are ready to truly maximize the amount of fat you burn, Body Fat USA is here to help you.

VO2 Max Fitness Test on Treadmill
How does the test work?


Body Fat USA utilizes KORR Metabolic Analyzers, the same technology as ICU

How Is A VO2 Test Performed? (It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4!)


  1. Put on a heart rate strap and face mask. 

  2. The Body Fat USA technician will begin a protocol appropriate for your fitness level. The intensity of the exercise will gradually increase over a period of 6 to 20 minutes.

  3. Body Fat USA's equipment will indicate when the test is completed.

  4. You cool down while your Target Intensity Zones are calculated and printed in a simple, insightful report.


Click here For a VERY cool online VO2 Max calculator...then test at Body Fat USA and see how you compare!

VO2 Max Protocols

What are the benefits of a VO2 MAX Fitness Test?

  • Get the most out of your workout

  • Decrease Fatigue and Injury

  • Burn more FAT!

What are the VO2 MAX Protocols?


We recognize everyone is at a different fitness level when they first visit Body Fat USA.  Whether you are a conditioned athlete or remote control has been your workout up until now, we have a testing protocol for you.


Body Fat USA's protocols are focused on helping you identify your target heart rate zones as the primary goal, with a secondary goal of testing your absolute fitness level. 


Please note:  

  • VO2 Max tests at BFUSA are not run to complete exhaustion.  

  • That is dangerous and doesn't add any value to your training!


Repeat clients will be allowed to push further than first time clients, as they are more comfortable with the test and running with a mask. Contact us if you have questions about our testing protocols and which one may be right for you.